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There are two ways to Create An Account with us, either directly to our site, www.IncognitoC.com or thru one of our trusted business partners that has a "Certified IC Website" stamp on top of their website.

Our recommendation is thru them because each of our partners offer unique perks such as "free 100 points" just by joining like www.IncognitoChef.com or www.AbbyAndCera.com.  Once you fill out the form, you will be required to provide a "Website Agent".  What is this?  We want you to give us the name of the person who referred you to us or their website address.  All our business partners website that we formed an alliance will be rewarded monetarily and/or by points each time you make a purchase just by clicking the link on their site.

For items that you purchase that is not listed on their site, they will still be rewarded by a small fraction.  Any issues or problems you have such as delivery, returning of items or questions about items and service, please feel free to contact them.

To those who would like to sell and join our team, there is a mandatory requirement to purchase our Business Franchise Kit.  For further info., please click here